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PARIS MAY 1st 2002

Short film directed by Benjamin Poumey
Switzerland, 2023, 6’31


On April 21st of 2002, the far right candidate was qualified for the second round of the French Presidential Election.
On May 1st, the traditional union demonstration took another dimension, gathering close to 500.000 Parisians who went to the streets to express their shock and their refusal of the far right ideology. I was among them and took images with my first Super 8 camera ; the first images I ever shot.
20 years later, another Presidential Election has taken place and nobody seems to be shocked anymore that the far right might access power (not only in France but in many parts of the world). I needed to edit this footage to testify of this moment of collective resistance to the far right, as well as to acknowledge the defeat of this resistance.

  • Directed by Benjamin Poumey
  • Music : WALK, composed and performed by Black Kino (Jean-Pierre Ditsch & Hubert Poussais)
  • Sound Mix : Adrien Kessler
  • Color Timing : Raphaël Frauenfelder
  • Graphic Design : Dimitri Delcourt
  • Shooting Format : Super 8
  • Film Stock : Kodak
  • Processing : Andec Filmtechnik
  • Scan : The Negative Space – Nicki Coyle
  • Screening Format : DCP / HD File


Avec le soutien de l’Office Fédéral de la Culture (OFC)